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Wolves were doomed to a 56-30 away loss on Friday and are doomed if quarterback John Jacobs falls and doesn't return.

Walker Smith returned a high punt in the end zone on McAlester's next possession and the interception gave the Wolves (3-2, 1-1) a 42-7 halftime lead. Security followed with a 10-yard touchdown run by Stephens on the first play of the second half and McAleter followed with a short touchdown run by Stephens. He capped the scoring with a 37-yard run to Malik Tate and an interception that set up another touchdown pass from Jacobs on the third - and goal from the one-yard line - to make it 42-7.

The Wolves went three - and - off their possession and stagnated in fourth place in Buffalo territory, but caught a huge break when Christian Patterson picked up a McAlester fumble and threw 46 yards for an equalizer. Cole Humphrey had a big catch for a touchdown and a 42-7 lead for the Wolves on the first possession of the second half.

That was when disaster struck and Shawnee got back into the game when Smith picked up a mispass that made it 28-7 from 50 yards. Wood completed a 78-yard drive with 12 plays on a touchdown pass from Patterson to Darryl Smith to make it 14-6 late in the first quarter. He hit Rhyln Stephens for another touchdown to double the lead to 14 at the end of the first half and then again on the Wolves' next possession. The lead grew to 56-7 by the start of the fourth quarter when Shawnees made a late run.

Wood hit Zach Ball with a 55-yard catch-and-run touchdown that put McAlester in the game for a 7-0 lead with two minutes left. Shawnee scored on the first possession of the ball, but Wood and the Buffaloes restored control of the evening by taking advantage of a botched snap shot by Wolves after the goal to take the lead. The Wolves responded with a march on their own 23 from the McAleter 30 and Wood hit Zach Ball from 55 yards for a touchdown to keep them up 6-7 with less than half a minute left in the game.

The Shawnee defeat, along with Bishop Kelley's loss to Skiatook, moved the Wolves into third place in the District and into first place. The Bulldogs are also 5-1 in district-level play and own the head-to-head tiebreak over McAlester after they defeated the Buffaloes 27-26 in Week Six. That boost puts them on the road for the first round of the playoffs and pushes them into a three-way tie with McAleter for second place and the final playoff spot.

Members can purchase a day pass to go swimming or visit the weight room, but you do not need to be in a wheelchair to use the facility. There are memberships, just call us to find out what's going on, and you don't even need a membership to meet the membership criteria. The complex is able to host many different sporting events and is available for both private and public events such as football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball and soccer.

Be sure to visit the climbing routes such as the 5,000 foot long climbing wall, the 4,500 pound climbing tower and the 1,800 meter long climbing ladder.

Tulsa is home to many sports centers, but this is the only known facility in the U.S. that offers fitness and recreation to disabled people. The park offers a variety of activities throughout the year such as swimming, cycling, swimming pools, tennis, volleyball, basketball and other sports. The CVJM also has communal facilities that act like a community centre, with a gym, gym, gym, pool, playground and gym.

This is a great place to play as a child and enjoy sports like tennis, golf, football and more while being part of a team. You can be a member of the Oklahoma State University football team, basketball team, football team and other sports.

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